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14. My family
Dlouhé, ale dlouhé téma. Mám ho napsané v angličtině, tudíž… přeji příjemný překlad.
My family is crazy and lovely. I have two siblings, Sister Susana and Brother Peter. Susana is probably eight and she goes to the same school. She is a good actress. She wants to be popular. And I believe she will be because she is talented. She sings, dances, plays. But I dislike her suing me or my brother. Peter is seventeen. He was born on Christmas Day. Now I like him. He is strong and versatile. When we met in train, He gave his jacket, because I'm cold. He likes army. He has short hair, but He's look ridiculous. He had long hair, girls love it. But now He looks like parrot. My mother's name is Radka. She is postmaster in Mukařov. I love her. She is so nice and beautiful. People say, she looks tired, but people don't know her. My mom is happy. She has three lovely children, me, my brother and my talented sister. Father's name is Marek. My father works as a carpenter. He's a good man, but He's little outdated. I like him. But sometimes He's silly and he screams on me and my family. I understand him. He has worries. Maybe He needs help from people, who he likes. My grandmother and grandfather live near of us. My first grandmother, mother of my dad, is very lovely. She's happy. And she talks a lot. I love her, because she helps me with my clothes. I help her find a ideal dog for her. Now She has a German Shepherd Kessie. My grandfather, father of my dad, is very, but very thin. He fixes cars. He's hardworking and witty. But he's like my father. Usually it is easy to make him angry. My second grandmother, mother of my mom, lives in Prague with her husband, my grandfather, father of mom. They've a big house with many modern instruments. Grandmother is very happy women. She's maybe fat, but still beautiful. She likes her grandchildren. She has five grandchildren. She gives me money and I don't know how, but it's ok. She listens to me, when I have problem. It's nice she has time for listening. My grandfather is very, but very very clever. He's is the only one, who has high school in my family. He often explain me things, which I don't know. For example 'How works keys'. But his explaining is very long, often boring too. But it's not bad. Bad is, when he doesn't want to speak with people. He's alone and he's like it. I like to say more about my family, but I don't know everyone in my family. For example I know, my aunt is divorced and she has two children, my cousins Lucka and Kačka. They have a horse. This horse named Jurášek. But they have many animals. My uncle, brother of my father, is divorced too. He has two children, Mates and Filip. But He's not here in the Czech Republic, He works in France. When He is in the Czech Republic, He lives with her mother and father. Sister of my grandmother, mother of my mother, has four children and they have eight children. Oh and I don't speak about family of my grandfather, father of my mother. He had sister, but she is dead. But her sister has children, but they don't speak with my family now. I know, someone of them is addicted to drugs, but it's all. I knew one great-grandmother. It was grandmother of my father and she died before several years. She has three children, my grandmother Jarka, Ivana and Radka. Radka is breeder dog. Her husband studied university before year and he lectures in Prague on university. Ivana lives in Ondřejov with her husband. Her daughter was addicted to drugs, but now she's okay and she has two children. I think, It was everything, what I want to say about my family.

Psala jsem to v půlce devítce jako závěrečnou práci, které jsem se nakonec vyhnula, protože jsem onemocněla. Je to tak nějak stručně o mé rodině… Každý, kdo to přeložil, by si zasloužil čokoládu. Bohužel… nemám ani na to, abych si koupila čokoládu pro sebe. :D

Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.


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Vážně super. Vypadá to že máš senza rodinu :)

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